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Left foot, wet foot

November 20, 2021

Got my wellies out for yesterday’s walk with Joe and Georgie so we could go check out the waterfall. He’d been there the day before (in his own wellies) and warned me this was the only way to get through the trail. Okay, kinda like kicking through leaves a few weeks ago – jumping in puddles. Great.

My island wellies were purchased 25 years ago, just after Mike and I bought the house, so we could go clamming with a friend who lived in a shorefront property. (Actually down the road from where Joe now lives.) For the past decade the only time I’ve put them on is when there’s been a foot of snow on the ground and I need to get to the woodshed.

When we get to the first obstacle I walk confidently into the new “pond”. And that’s when I discover there is a leak in my right boot. Oh, great. (Well, they are 25 years old.) Right foot soaking wet. Fantastic. Oh, well, I’m made of sterner stuff. There are new streams and a waterfall to see.

Georgie, of course, doesn’t mind getting wet from head to toe. Really stern stuff. She can run straight through the ponds, unlike me, who now has to hobble through with my left foot in the water and my right on the bank.

It requires quite a climb down and a bit of bushwhacking to get to the bottom of the waterfall.

But it’s worth it. It might not be Niagara Falls, but this seasonal waterfall is pretty impressive.

Back up the steep hill and back to Joe’s for a Waiting for Nick rehearsal. He lends me a pair of slippers to warm up my still soaking right foot.

I’d put a message on the Facebook Community Bulletin Board asking if anyone had a Christmas jumper we could borrow, but no one came forward. I thought I was going to have to give up on this costume item. Then, when I mentioned my hunt to a friend, he produced this wonderfully ridiculous article of clothing. (Underneath the headless gingerbread man it says “When I’m with you.”)

My little play is coming together beautifully. Love these guys.

Still, it was good to get home and change my socks.

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