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The First Draft Club

September 26, 2021

One of the features of the play writing workshop  I took a couple of weekends ago was supposed to be, at the start of day two, the reading of the scenes people wrote between the first and second day. It was clear after four scenes (one of which was mine) had been read that insufficient time had been set aside for this, so we would not get to hear everyone’s work. So, at the end of the day, I said we would happily rent the hall again one evening in order to hear the remaining scenes. This we did on Thursday.

It was interesting to discover who others had chosen as their antagonists. Whilst I opted for the ghost of Violet’s husband, one person went for Violet’s son, another for her daughter-in-law, another for a neighbour and three people went for three, very different mediums – a genuine one, a fake one and an outright conman.

Before the workshop even took place, an idea was floated to follow it up with a sort of play writers’ club for those of us who were already working on a play to meet every other week, share our work and get feedback. This idea was revisited on Thursday and five us agreed we would welcome this. Each of us was working on a one-act play and the idea is that we will all, at a minimum, have our first draft ready by the end of the year when the call will go out for submissions for next year’s one-act play festival.

Deadlines! Yes, it was agreed we could all do with some deadlines. The prospect both appeals to and terrifies me. What if I simply cannot get myself to write something for each fortnight’s gathering. The humiliation! What if people are hypercritical? The mortification! (And, let’s be honest, fury.) What if I simply cannot finish the play? The embarrassment! Even if I do finish it, depending on the lengths of the one-acts, there’s only room for three in the festival. What if mine isn’t picked? The rejection!

Still, it’s a project. Something (hopefully) to keep me going as the days get colder and wetter and shorter. There’s no panto this year to fill that void, so this could be very good indeed. Or not.

The inaugural meeting of the First Draft Club will be on October 6. I’m fine for that. The first 12 pages of the one-act I’ve been picking up and putting down for two years now are in pretty good shape. No problem with those. (Well, there better not be anything perceived as wrong.) It’s everything that comes afterwards that’s the challenge.


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  1. nebulaflash permalink

    Looking forward to watching these plays – it’s a great idea!

  2. Donna permalink

    Looking forward to reading it when you’re ready 🙂

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