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Spot the difference

August 3, 2021

Sunday dinner was on Monday this week. Just couldn’t get my shit together on the right day. 

Does this look familiar? Yes, it is indeed the same book I was reading last week.

Been having some concentration issues – so much so that I abandoned any attempt to read at bedtime for a few days. 

Last week’s summer favourite of asparagus risotto was replaced last night with that previously written about summer favourite, what I think of as “Catherine’s prawns and pasta”.

The other difference, of course, is the flowers. Bit skint last month after some unplanned expenses, so no recent purchases of bouquets for me. (Needless to say, my garden, unlike the gardens of many other people, fails spectacularly to produce any flowers I could simply cut and bring indoors. As much as I may have waxed lyrical about the rose from Tri’s bush recently, it is only the third rose produced by the ten rose bushes in the garden.) I did not buy these flowers. There were a gift from a friend who came over for dinner last weekend – a bouquet so large I had to split it into two vases.

Flowers, flowers everywhere! That definitely perked me up, thus perhaps my ability to get back to Home Grown Hero. Of course I ended up having to go back three chapters that I had no recollection of reading. Mealtime and bedtime reading seem to be back on track. Thank heavens.

In other news… Surprised this morning when I went outside to see the not-long-since-replenished suet feeder was empty. Rats! Had they figured out how to climb upside down across the umbrella to get to the feeder or was this the work of some remarkable high jumping rat? Bugger. Then I spotted him. No, not a rat – a Steller’s Jay. They may be jays, but, as previously noted somewhere, they are also bloody gannets – able to empty a suet feeder in no time. Unless they have a better offer – i.e. peanuts. I quickly sorted that out. 

This just in.

True to his word, every Tuesday and Friday (our normal walk days) Joe sends me a photo of Georgie and a video of her chasing the ball. Aw.

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