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Dear god

August 2, 2021

Yes, I say it. I also say “for Christ’s sake” occasionally instead of “for fuck’s sake” when I encounter something incredibly stupid. The phrases are interchangeable – although my general preference is for the latter. 

This image has popped up in the Facebook feeds of a number of mates recently.


I know I’ve written about religion before, on more than one occasion. (Links provided to spare me saying it all again.) But simply trashing religion – all religions – with a few words doesn’t stop one being infuriated by blind faith.

Yes, as I’ve previously observed, there are some good rules we should all live by. Like doing unto others what you would have them do unto you. Joshua of Nazareth reportedly said this. So did Confucius. It’s a pretty basic concept.

No, today I’m just saying thank heavens for atheists. 

Here are a couple of my favourites.

As a friend commented when I shared this on Facebook, “Bertram Russell?” Indeed. Apparently you can’t get good transcribers these days. But that aside, my philosophy exactly. Keep your giant teapot. I want no part of it.

And then, of course, there’s Ricky Gervais.

It used to be worth watching the Golden Globes ceremony when the irreverent Gervais was hosting it. Then one year he got a bit too irreverent in his closing remarks.

People talk a lot about the opioid crisis in the US – the one cynically created by the Sackler family with their drug oxycontin. (Indeed one rather wishes there was a hell, so they could rot there for eternity.) Yes, it is a crisis. I just wish more attention was being paid to the other opioid crisis engulfing much of the globe and severely limiting the ability of so many people to think clearly and rationally: Marx’s opium of the people crisis.

I’m with Ricky.

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  2. Donna permalink

    Yes. A thousand times, yes. Oh, and keep your fucking tea pots away from me.

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