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The little plant that could

July 15, 2021

First, a cheering sight this morning.

Yes! Not only is the fried butterfly bush producing new leaves, but is also producing a flower. Hurrah. The heatwave didn’t kill it.

Speaking of rejuvenation…

I did a foolish thing last year. I moved my large rubber plant from one corner of the diningroom to another corner. The new corner doesn’t get as much light – very little light indeed. By the spring the rubber plant had lost a lot of leaves and was looking near death. It’s in a big pot, which could have been useful for something else, but I couldn’t quite yank it out and toss it.

So I decided to let nature intervene and take its course. I moved the rubber plant from the diningroom to the deck, carefully positioning it on the edge of the deck where, I know from past frustrating experience, deer do not fear to nibble. I figured I’d let the deer do the job I wasn’t prepared to tackle. 

Turns out, it seems, that rubber plant leaves are like squash leaves – one of the few things deer do not demolish. Instead the leaves continued to drop off. Oh, well, I thought, when there are no leaves left I will do the right thing and put the plant out of its misery. When Juneuary turned up I thought perhaps that might finish it off.

Yes, the old leaves continued to drop, but a funny thing happened. New leaves have replaced them. Look at this.

Only one leaf in this photo was there when I put the plant outside in April. Look at all the new growth! Well, all right then. Come September the rubber plant will move back inside, back to the corner of the diningroom that actually gets some light. Long may it reign.

In other news (boo hoo), my last ever walk with Georgie yesterday. The last ever photo. 

Okay, I am being overly dramatic here. Joe is taking Georgie away for four or five (or perhaps – yikes! – six) weeks. But, you know, I could be dead by the time they get back. Or Joe could decide to stay in Winnipeg. (Highly, highly unlikely.) Or his 91-year-old mother could fall so madly in love with Georgie (who could blame her?) that Joe decides to leave her behind. (Even more highly unlikely.) 

Still. Weeks and weeks with no Georgie. 

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  1. janeshead permalink

    You need your own dog. And probably somewhere probably not far away there’s a dog that needs you… Also, my house doesn’t get a lot of light; Eilis mentioned these cheap full-spectrum strips from Canadian Tire, so I got couple, and my plants LOVE them! Enzo’s cat grass germinates in half the time, and you can practically watch it grow.

    • janeshead permalink

      I should read my comments before pressing post. Honestly, extra words, missing words…fucksake.

    • I know there’s a resident dog in my future, but I could not do that to Stella. It was hard enough on her when I added another cat to the mix. For the foreseeable she rules the roost. Mind you, every time I contemplate getting a dog at some point, my first thought is, ‘But what if my dog doesn’t get on with Georgie?’ 🙂

  2. janeshead permalink

    Well if it doesn’t right at first it will learn to – that’s what dogs do. And mostly they get along. I mean, Clara doesn’t but to be fair she’s an old bitch and she gets to be crotchety with other dogs if she wants to at this point. But on average, dogs get along.

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