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Scraped knees and pink poodles

June 26, 2021

Phew, as the. red tops would say, what a scorcher!

For a pretty good day it was also more than a bit crap.

Good because, well, you know, of course, Georgie.

As I said the other day, she’s no mug. While she’s still very keen to chase the ball, she does like regular rest stops in the shade. Joe and I have taken to snapping “Where’s Georgie?” pics and posting them on Facebook. This is today’s.

A couple of days ago, while I was watering the garden, the flow started to stutter. Something was wrong. Checked in the crawl space and the pump was hyperventilating. Switch the source from the well to the cistern. Checked inside. Yep, the circuit was tripped. This happened a few weeks ago and just leaving the cistern as the source for a few days seemed to solve the problem. (Easy to use the cistern in Juneuary when it’s being refilled every day.) I didn’t even try to water the garden yesterday, but went down this morning, switching the source back to the well first. Not much more than a trickle and when I went back to the crawl space, sure enough the pump was once again in overdrive. Switched the source back to the cistern, watered the garden sparingly, then checked the junction box. Nope, no circuit tripped. Something is wrong and that ain’t good. Rang the plumber, who it turns out was away on a fishing trip. (Not unusual for him this time of year.) It might, he said, be the prime. Good news if that’s the problem. Very bad news if the pump is fried.

The last time that happened was in the autumn. When he told me a new pump would cost $1000+ I groaned. He told me to leave it to him. He might be able to find some second hand kit that would do the job. No problem. It had already started raining and would continue to do so for months. Also, I was no longer watering the garden every day. If the pump is fried this time, it’s gonna have to be replaced, whatever the cost. Even if I stopped watering the garden, I’d still like to shower and flush the toilet occasionally. The weather forecast suggests no rain for the foreseeable. Sigh. The plumber is going to come over on Sunday after he gets back to the island. Fingers crossed.

It wasn’t this hot on Tuesday and it was still too hot to be wearing jeans for a walk. Time to stick my scary white legs into shorts for today’s walk. And what was my reward? Minutes after taking today’s “Where’s Georgie?” pic, I tripped and fell over. Took most of the skin off my right knee and a fair bit off my left knee. The first time I’ve worn shorts this year. Fuck. 

On the way home I had to stop at the vet’s to pick up some renal formula dry food and some potassium for Stella. They took pity on me and gave me a bowl of water, some gauze and some antiseptic to clean my knees. (I should pause here to point out that pretty much every outdoor job I need to do involves kneeling, so they’re all going to have to wait for a while.)

Stopped also at the chemist’s to pick up some hydrogen peroxide and some large bandages. Then a stop at the liquor store for a box o’ spritzer wine. There is a wine I always buy for this purpose, but I was distracted by this.

Now, I am fond of a nice rosé, but Pink Poodle? Hmm. Made enquiries. Apparently it’s proven very popular since they got it in recently. Hmm. Well, it was on sale. Maybe take a chance? Yes, I decided and told the sales clerk, I was going to give it a go instead of my usual sauvignon plonk. God love her, she not only got the joke, but laughed. (Sauvignon plonk, geddit?)

I can now report that Pink Poodle can be turned into a perfectly serviceable spritzer, although I would not drink it straight. After this box, it’s back to my regular box o’plonk.

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