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What to do?

June 21, 2021

Now that Juneuary seems to be over, there is a lot to do outside. (Not least remembering to start watering the garden again.) So much to do that trying to figure out where to start threatens to make my head explode.

I sit outside with my granola and cappuccino and look around. I know I waxed lyrical recently about how fabulous the deck was looking with all the plants in pots, but truth be told, it is rather crowded. The idea, when I asked Mr Fixit to extend the deck, was that I would be able to have more than a table and two chairs – on the off chance that I ever actually had two people visiting. 

I have to admit there is still only room for two chairs. The plants are taking up too much space. Should I consider moving some? There is California lilac and the rhododendron that’s grown a lot (not that it’s flowered since the first year, but that’s another story). Deer don’t eat either of these. Where could they go? I turn my head to the left.

Well, yes, there is this spot. The small, potted California lilacs don’t seem to be doing much by way of flowering for the bees. I’ve been thinking for a while that they might actually be better off in the ground in the garden. (Assuming I actually water them enough.) Yes, perhaps.

This is the size the rhododendron on the deck was two years ago.

As you can see, it’s grown quite spectacularly since then.

Not so much the second, smaller one from Rhodo Dave two years ago.

This one’s hardly grown at all. (It doesn’t help that I decided to place it somewhere where I almost never remember it when I’m watering the others. Time to shift this one to the deck and put it in a bigger pot. 

Speaking of rhodos, despite my snide comment about the one I’ve just shifted from the deck, I did get quite a profusion of flowers this year – on one bush.

As it happens, this is my favourite, the one planted down at the front of the house, the one with the beautiful purple flowers. 

As for the other seven… like the one on the deck, not a single flower on any of them. Not one. Argh.

Rhodo Dave pointed out there was always next year. Cold bloody comfort, truth be told. 

He’s recommended extra food with the July feed. And, as always, more water, more water, more water. Clearly he has no fear of his well ever running dry. Me? Not so much. Oh, well. Extra food in July. There’s always next year. And if I was only going to get flowers on one rhodo, at least it was my favourite.

Shame I can’t see this one from the deck. 

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