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More constant frustration?

May 8, 2021

Well, I suppose it’s time to write something about the garden.

Those of you who have been around since I first started a garden-specific blog a decade ago (before bloody Blogspot decided I was not the author and refused to allow me access, so I had to move it here) will know there’s a reason it’s called the constantly frustrated gardener.

This is going to be a year of lowered expectations. I am tired of carrots the size of my baby finger and beets the size of marbles. This year I am not even going to try to grow them.

Although I haven’t been writing about the garden, there has actually been some activity. Back in late March/early April, when the weather was actually quite nice, I did get out there clear out the fir needles and cones, turn over and add fertiliser to the raised beds.

The rose bushes have also been fertilised and (with the sad exception of Clancy’s rose) all seem to have an encouraging amount of new growth.

Peas have been planted and are coming up, as are numerous teeny tiny lettuces. (This year I’ve planted some romaine as well as my usual leaf lettuce, as I do quite like a Caesar salad, but every other day in shops there seems to be some warning that romaine lettuce can kill you, so I figured best to grow my own.)

After numerous summers of it bolting before the leaves were big enough to eat, I’ve officially given up on trying to grow rocket from seed in planters.

Instead this year I’ve planted sunflowers and butterfly-blend mixed wild flowers. That is definitely what this garden needs: more flowers and fewer failed vegetables.

Speaking of which, the strawberries are already starting to flower, as are three (of the six) blueberry bushes. Hopefully this summer the blueberries won’t disappear completely just as they are ripe enough to eat.

Disappointing (for me) news from Tomato Jan: this year she does not have an overabundance of cherry tomato plants growing in her greenhouse, so once again I am at the mercy of the local garden shops. Even more disappointing was the complete lack of cherry tomato plants at the garden shop I most trust. When I enquired they said they’ve been let down by their suppliers and suggested, should I see any cherry tomatoes anywhere else, I grab them. Off to the less trusted garden shop which does actually have lots of cherry tomatoes. Unfortunately I’ve had bad experiences with plants from this shop before, but needs must. Even though it’s too early to plant them in the ground, I buy two each of three varieties. I also pick up two courgette plants. (Hopefully both of these are not male.)

These are now waiting in the not terribly sunny, but still the brightest available spot in the house to be moved to the garden when (and if) the weather warms up a bit. As you may or may not be able to see, one variety of tomato plant already has flowers – a hopefully encouraging sign.

With spring comes that hope. Maybe this time I’ll get lucky, maybe this time things will flourish. Maybe this time there will be lots of roses. Maybe this time there will be lots of berries. Maybe this time I will be able to make my favourite soup with my own courgettes.

Here we go again.

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  1. krysross permalink

    I know how you feel. Now that I have so much time to garden, I realize I’m pretty useless at it. Year before last I had a bumper crop of courgettes. But that was the one and only year I’ve had success with them although I try almost every year. The only thing that grew well for me last year were a couple of pot plants but this year, I can’t even get them to sprout. The rabbits ate everything that did try to grow.

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