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As if I’m not frustrated enough

April 21, 2017

Several years ago I started a blog about my attempts to turn a patch of my property (with crap soil) into a thing of bounteous beauty.

This is where I began

Every summer I’ve updated it.

This was last May

For some bloody reason, when I attempted to post my first 2017 entry a little while ago, Blogspot refused to recognise me as the author of my own bloody blog.

So I guess the horticulatural action is moving here.

This is the story behind the garden blog.

This was the very first entry in the garden blog.

These are the 2010 entries.

The 2011 entries (only one of which was actually about the garden.)

The 2012 entries.

The 2013 entries.

The 2014 entries.

The 2015 entries.

Last year’s entries.

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