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Getting there

March 31, 2021

Third time lucky? Well, third time luckier.

Three teaspoons of yeast and an extra quarter cup of water.

At least the dough rose quite a bit overnight (although not right up to the top the way it used to do).

And it does look more like a loaf of old.

Still seems a bit too moist inside. (Would another ten minutes in the oven solve this problem, I wonder, or would it just burn the crust?) It is, however, unlike my previous attempt, edible – both as bread and as toast.

It ain’t the same as my beloved Robin Hood multigrain loafs (goddamn you again, Robin Hood), but I think I could get used to it and eventually forget how it doesn’t taste.

This isn’t Goldilocks’s just right bread, but it’s getting there.

A minor baking victory to be celebrated with a walk in the woods.

Unlike many wooded walks, this one does offer a glimpse of the water.

If you look closely enough, you’ll even see a ferry in the distance. It was a bit too hazy to properly capture the coastal mountains in the further distance.

Of course, the point of these walks (other than some possible contribution to being slightly less unfit than I’d otherwise be) is not the views – lovely as they are, with or without the sea.

Joe is pretty good company, but obviously the point of these walks is to spend time with Georgie. This dog was born to make people happy. She never disappoints.

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