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A moral black hole

February 14, 2021

How do they do it? How do they live with themselves?

On Friday afternoon, after Officer Eugene Goodman was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honour, I posed this question:

How the hell did the 45 Republican senators who are almost certainly going vote against convicting the Wankmaggot have the gall to stand and applaud Officer Goodman?

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Officer Goodman was thinking exactly the same thing.

A friend replied to my post: “I think back to years ago when I’d think, ‘Now they’ve hit rock bottom. Now they’ll change their ways!’ Yeah, right.” To which I replied: “I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no bottom of the Republican barrel to scrape. It goes on into infinity.” I then suggested a physicist friend could “perhaps explain the improbable physics of this phenomenon”. Said friend did indeed respond with: “Money and power have gravity. The more they accumulate, the greater the pull. At some point an event horizon forms, where nothing can escape. That’s what’s happened to the Republicans: they are a moral black hole.” To which I replied: “Might be time to Jewish space laser the lot of them. Well, maybe not all, but the majority.”

All but the 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach the Wankmaggot and the seven Republican Senators (two more than I thought) who voted yesterday to convict him. No lightning bolts for them.

This is one of those times when I wish I believed in hell, because I could then be comforted by the certainty that a special place has been reserved there for Mitch McConnell.

Honestly, how does his head not explode?

First McConnell refuses to allow Pelosi to deliver the letters of impeachment to the Senate while the Wankmaggot was still in office, then, despite a majority vote in the Senate that the trial was indeed constitutional, he votes against conviction, claiming the trial was not constitutional, then (shades of that scene from And Justice For All) he stands up in the Senate and more or less says the Wankmaggot is guilty as hell and should go straight to fucking jail. What the actual fuck?

According to pundits this was some sort of last ditch effort to appease the corporate donors who’ve been abandoning the party in droves. Good luck with that.

A moral black hole indeed. If this was a play it would be categorised as a farce.

Well, as Andy Borowitz posted moments after the predictably lily-livered vote was counted…

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  1. The Republican Party means to keep a gun aimed at the Democrats for the indefinite future.

    That way, they hope we’ll all count it as decent and moderate governance when they do anything short of pulling the trigger.

    Sadly, much of the supposedly liberal media will fall for this.

  2. krysross permalink

    Let the criminal proceedings begin!

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