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Whose chair?

February 2, 2021

A clean and tidy desk as I sit down this morning. No sign of the word DUST and much more of the surface visible.

Whilst tidying up sundry bits and pieces of paper, I found a post-it note on which I’d scribbled some words – obviously a book recommendation I’d wanted to remember, but when I went in search of said book, I seemed to have the wrong title. Nothing for it but to optimistically go on to Twitter and write: “Sincerely hope @Beathhigh sees this. Just found a scribbled note: ‘Rankin. Ripper victims. These Women.’ Obviously a book suggestion, but not the right title. Could it be ‘The Five’?” Bless the man. Less than an hour later I had a response: “Interview I did. Two recent books I’d enjoyed. The Five (about victims of Jack the Ripper) and These Women (by @ivypochoda).” To which I replied: “Ah. Not very good note taking by me then.” Then I ordered both books from the library. Just to round things off nicely, a little while later I discovered that my notetaking comment had been liked by my friend Mariam – one of my less-than-a-dozen followers. In case anyone else is interested, you can also follow me, although I’m really not that active.

So. Furniture polishing done. Time to get away from the computer and on with the next part of the day. But before I get there, allow me to share a photo.

In the winter, this is Stella’s favourite chair. Hardly surprising, given its proximity to the fire. She was not best pleased when I moved the chair in December to put up the skinniest Christmas tree ever. Since the removal of said tree and the repositioning of this chair beside the fire, Stella only gets out of it to eat and use the litter box (occasionally deigning to join me on the sofa or when I’m reading in bed). This time of year she pretty much lives in this chair – as the amount of fur I regularly remove attests.

Stella was in this chair yesterday when I fetched my book, before putting Cosi Fan Tuti on to play and going to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. When I returned from the kitchen, this is where I found Stella.

It’s been a while since I’ve sat in this chair – even longer since Stella has. How did she know? Was it simply seeing me put the book on the chair? How does that work? Bit of a huff from her when I claimed the chair, although she did return eventually to stretch out on my legs. (Yes, the chair reclines.)

And now I think it’s time for a rant. (See next post.)

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  1. Donna permalink

    Stella knows a good thing when she sees it! 🙂

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