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Highlights and lowlifes

January 22, 2021

Day two of President Biden’s administration is behind us now. (As Stephen Colbert observed last night, just saying the words “President Biden” is like having a lick of your favourite ice cream cone.) But stuff just kept gettingbetter.

Okay, one of the highlights has nothing to do with politics and is actually a rollover from inauguration day: a photo of Bernie Sanders at said inauguration which has gone wildly viral. I’ve lost track of all the images into which Sanders (slouched into his coat, wearing giant mittens) had been inserted and circulated yesterday. I loved them all, but I think this is my favourite.

And then there was yesterday’s press briefing. I’ll get back to the press secretary in a moment, because early on she handed the room over to Dr Anthony Fauci. Yes, handed it over.

Remember this shot taken at one of the Wankmaggot’s briefings (before Fauci was banished)?

Contrast with yesterday.

Although it’s possible to find his whole briefing online (and well worth a watch), the only place I could find my favourite moment was imbedded in the tweets of reporters.

It’s not enough quote the briefing, to quote a reporter asking him, “You’ve joked a couple times about the difference between the Trump and Biden administrations. Do you feel less constrained?” And Fauci replying, “You said I was joking about it. I was very serious. I wasn’t joking.” You really have to see the glee on his face.

Now, back to the press secretary.

Oh, my god, I love Jen Psaki. Best press secretary since CJ Craig – and she’s not even fictional.

Again, I can’t find my favourite moment as a clip on its own, but this was it.

After Dr Fauci left the briefing room to get back to fighting the pandemic, a reporter (the same one who’d suggested Fauci was joking) challenged Psaki with this: “There’s this call for unity that the President made in his speech yesterday, but there has so far been almost no fig leaf even to the Republican Party… Where is the — where is the actual action behind this idea of bipartisanship? And when are we going to see one of those, you know, sort of, substantial outreaches that says, ‘This is something that, you know, the Republicans want to do, too?’”

To which she replied with a sweet (killer) smile:

“But, Mike, is unemployment insurance only an issue that Democrats in the country want?  Do only Democrats want their kids to go back to schools?  Do only Democrats want vaccines to be distributed across the country?  That’s – we feel that that package – he feels that package is designed for bipartisan support.”

Obviously Kamala Harris has the best killer smile in Washington, but I think Psaki is now in second place. Bliss.

On to the lowlifes.

Yesterday the odious Kevin McCarthy, leader of the Republican minority in the house of representatives, set himself up to win Olympic gold in flip flopping. On January 13 he admitted in the chamber that the Wankmaggot “bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters. He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding”. Fast forward eight days. The asshole now says “I don’t believe he provoked it if you listen to what he said at the rally.”

But that’s not the best. (Worst.)

Thought Mitch McConnell had run out of dirty tricks? No, of course you didn’t.

The reptile has emerged from the pond scum he inhabits with this.

The toad is threatening a filibuster to force an agreement out of Chuck Shumer that the Democrats won’t try to get rid of the filibuster.

This isn’t Jimmy Stewart standing heroically for hours and hours in the Senate chamber to defeat corruption. This is the modern-day filibuster.

As the Brennan Center for Democracy points out, “Under current Senate rules a minority can stymie efforts to fix our broken system. Not slow those reforms, not deliberate, not debate, but simply block them. For that reason, democracy advocates and their elected champions must demand that the filibuster be eliminated. If we are to take the steps that are urgently needed to save our democracy, we at long last must abolish the filibuster.”

How low can McConnell go? Wait and see.

Meanwhile, thanks to the Art Gallery of Ontario for this.

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