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Lock them up!

January 7, 2021

Seriously. Every single one of the MAGA seditionists. Helpfully (and predictably) almost none of them were wearing masks. Easy to identify if you try. Every single one of them who stormed the Capitol building. Charge them, try them and lock them up.

How about this asshole, who invaded Nancy Pelosi’s office? We already know his name. Is he in jail yet?

Or the clown in the centre of this picture? He likes to call himself “Q Shaman” (I kid you not), but his name is Jake Angeli. Is he in jail?

Lock them up!

What about the instigator-in-chief? Can’t charge him because he’s currently the President?  You’ve got two weeks and two options.

1. Impeach the fucker. Now. Nancy Pelosi (now that you’ve got your office back), get the articles ready This time there are actually Republicans who would vote for it. Republicans who have discovered they do still possess a sense of shame. Impeach the fucker. You could do it before the weekend. And he would be disqualified from ever running for office again. Result!

2. Article 25 of your much beloved Constitution. The one few people had even heard of before the first month of the Tangerine Wankmaggot’s term of office when it became abundantly clear that this narcissistic sociopath was not going to rise to the occasion and was clearly unfit for office. Mike Pence appears to have finally grown a pair. All Pence needs to do is convince the rest of the cabinet and then Article 25 the Wankmaggot’s ass and take over as President for the last two weeks. Oh, wait, like you, the rest of the cabinet are all Wankmaggot toadies and will never agree.

Okay, maybe option 3, the one I wanted to see implemented on November 7 when Biden was officially declared the winner: take away his phone and lock him in a bunker until noon on January 20. Although taking away his phone may be a moot point. In a rare moment of country over profit, Mark Zuckerberg has suspended the Wankmaggot’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for a month. Twitter should do the same. Although you still need to keep him off the phone. Any phone. Yeah, get the bunker ready. Do it today.

As for Cruz and that reptile Hawley (who was fundraising during the Capitol lockdown) and all the other Republican congressmen and senators who fed into and amplified the bald faced lie that the Wankmaggot had actually won the election? Is censure really all you can do? No. You may not be able to impeach them, but you can expel them. Yes, you need a two thirds majority in the senate, but there were 12 of them. That leaves 38 Republican senators who might (just might) want to wrest control of their party back from QAnon. Just do it, for fuck’s sake. At an absolute minimum Hawley and Cruz need to go. Voters in Texas and Missouri pissed off that their elected representatives have been deemed unfit to hold office? Fuck ’em. That’s what you get for fomenting insurrection.

Heads must roll.

As for the Capitol police, man, that was some shameful shit yesterday.

First of all, anyone who claims they couldn’t have seen what happened yesterday coming is either lying or completely fucking delusional. Especially after the Wankmaggot told his batshit army to march on the Capitol. They’ve been planning this in online forums for weeks. Did no one think to check these forums and get ready?

Which leads to the second thing.

You didn’t have to be black or brown to spot the difference. If a Black Lives Matter protest (yes, protest, not riot) had ever attempted to swarm around, never mind invade the Capitol building what you saw on the news would have been completely different.

Old Q Shaman told Adrian Morrow of the Globe and Mail

This would be hard to believe if we hadn’t all seen it with our own eyes. The Capitol police did just give up and let the seditionists roam freely. It was an epic fail.

Pundits posited later that the Capitol police simply didn’t want to give the seditionists the martyrs they wanted. Bull shit. They wouldn’t have thought twice about “martyring” BLM protesters. Almost immediately there were calls for a “9/11-style” enquiry. Yes, fine, have at it, but by the end of the day today Steven Sund, the head of the Capitol police, needs to be unemployed.

I’ll give the Wankmaggot and his rabid supporters one thing and one thing only: they really know how to kill a buzz. I’d barely finished writing yesterday about one of the rare good days, the day when Georgia voters handed the Democrats the Senate, when this shit hit the fan.

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One Comment
  1. Donna permalink

    Well said. All of it. I’m still reeling and can hardly string two words together at the moment. I just saw footage of one of the newly minted Q-anon congress members who filmed herself rioting along with these fuckers, spouting praise for Hitler. I’m beyond sickened. There better be some heads rolling….oh ha ha, as if.

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