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It’s a miracle

January 6, 2021

When I finally turned the television off last night, Raphael Warnock had been declared the winner in his Georgia senate race and Jon Ossoff was in the lead. That remains the case this morning. There will no doubt be a recount in the Ossoff race, but it seems, it really seems that a slim majority of Georgia voters came through. It seems the Democrats won both races. It seems that Kamala Harris (smiling that wonderful smile of hers) will be taking up residence in the Senate to cast the deciding votes. It seems there won’t be Mitch McConnell-led paralysis in Washington for the next two years.

When I woke up to this happy news, an old Barry Manilow song popped into my head.


Mostly for these lines from the chorus:

It’s a miracle
A true blue spectacle
A miracle come true.

It is a miracle. It is a true blue spectacle.

Georgia, yes, Georgia has elected (pending recount) two Democratic Senators. Okay, it would be much more miraculous if this happened in Kentucky or Alabama (or a number of other states), but it’s still bloody amazing.

As I write, the spectacle is unfolding in Washington of Republicans attempting to overthrow the role of the electoral college (and the results of the presidential election). Given that the ludicrous electoral college is the only reason Republicans ever win, questioning its very existence qualifies as shooting themselves in the foot. There is nothing Dems would like to see more than an end to the electoral college.

At this very moment, Mitch McConnell (yes, McConnell) is breaking with the Wankmaggot and calling bull shit. Believe it or not, he just said this: “We cannot keep drifting apart into two separate tribes with two different sets of facts and reality.” Another small miracle. Mind you, it’s quickly going downhill with finger pointing at the Democrats and the media, but still.

This bullshit won’t work. Whatever Cruz & Co do today, Biden will still be inaugurated on January 20th. If the miracle holds, McConnell will no longer be the Senate majority leader.

The Proud Boys, as instructed by the Wankmaggot, are standing by in Washington, along with other MAGA maniacs. There have already been confrontations with the police. When the votes are ratified, which they will be, there is going to be more trouble. It will get ugly and in parts of the country it will remain ugly for some time to come, but it’s nearly over.

Two weeks to go before Biden walks into the Oval Office (and Harris sets up residence in the Senate). The Wankmaggot will probably have taken off to Mara Lago (where local residents have already made clear they do not want him) before the inauguration. But maybe, if I’m lucky, the Wankmaggot will try to barricade himself in the Oval, providing us with the spectacle of the Secret Service dragging him out and handing him over to prosecutors from the Southern District of New York. Wouldn’t that be luverly?

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  1. John Galpin permalink

    As I watch on live TV here in Blighty a woman has been shot, the congress has been halted. Putin will be having a great time…Never thought it would come to this. Astonishing scenes.

  2. Donna permalink

    Thank goodness for Georgians voting BLUE!
    And…holy fuck, this shitstorm going on in DC…two weeks is way too long until inauguration.

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