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No one deserves this

December 20, 2020

They say you get what you deserve. (Whoever “they” are.) If that’s true then the UK voters who gave Bojo a huge majority last December only have themselves to blame.

At the time it seemed the worst thing the clown could do was drive the country off the economic cliff of a no deal Brexit. Bad, very, very bad, but British voters (oh, let’s be honest: English voters) had been persuaded that they wanted out of the European Union come hell or high water. Reality had no place in this argument. As that toerag Michael Gove put it so aptly in the run up to the 2016 referendum, “the people of this country have had enough of experts”. (This in response to his inability to name a single reputable economist who foresaw anything but disaster if the UK left the EU.) Far better to believe the Russian-backed disinformation campaign on social media.

Oh, if only the looming no deal Brexit was the worst thing Bojo did to the country this year.

With the exception of the Tangerine Wankmaggot and that other populist prick in Brazil it is difficult to point to a worse response to the pandemic than that of the UK government. It’s been a complete dog’s breakfast.

You can’t have twelve days of Christmas, the Tory twats said, but you can have five. Knock yourselves out. Restrictions be damned. Go home and hug your nan.

Until yesterday. Oops. Sorry. As of midnight tonight, if you live in the southeast (including London) you can’t go anywhere or see anyone. Stay home. Tier four, don’t you know?

What? We have until midnight? This was the response.

St Pancras station last night. As one Twitter wag described it, the last train out of Saigon. Get a grip, people.

I know you have an idiotic, incompetent government, but that doesn’t mean you have to be irresponsible idiots. Home alone for Christmas? Yeah, that sucks, but there’s a fucking pandemic, in case you hadn’t heard.

I’m happy for my friend Irmani and her husband who left London earlier this week to spend Christmas and New Year’s in an isolated cottage in the Scottish Highlands where they will, you know, isolate themselves. (Although they are seriously considering doing some online house hunting while they are there.)

I’m sad for my friend Simon, who lives an already pretty isolated life in a cottage in Wales and who was hoping his son, who lives in Brighton and whom he hasn’t seen in a year, would be with him and his daughter for Christmas.

The majority of voters in Scotland and Wales (and London) did not vote for this shit shower of a government and yet they are stuck with it, thanks to the voters of England. (Who were also responsible for the slim majority Brexit vote.) I remain, as I have been since the results of the referendum, rather ashamed that after British I am English. (Although being a Londoner gives me some cred, I hope.)

Still, whatever they say, no one deserves this.

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  1. janeshead permalink

    Yes, people need to get a grip. Our grandparents managed to live through at least one if not two world wars and I bet those Christmasses weren’t that great either. (Also, as an aside, no one in Scotland wants anyone visiting from London even if they’re isolating in a cottage, and the Scottish government has been extremely clear on that point.)

  2. John Galpin permalink

    It’s actually got worse in the minutes since you posted that! Most EU countries are now banning all travel from the UK due to new COVID strain (that Johnson first learned about in September) including freight. Yes, even before the disaster that is Brexit, freight to and from the UK is banned. You couldn’t make it up if you tried! And the monolingual, single brain celled, racist fuckwits who voted for Brexit are still clamouring for a no-deal exit. I am proud to be a European, desperately ashamed to be British.

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