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Thanks a lot, Geordie

September 23, 2020

A mate who thought I’d enjoy it sent me this Private Eye cover this morning.

“If only,” I replied. “Bastard’s got a huge majority thanks to brain dead voters in the north of England. ‘Goodbye’ won’t be for over four years.”

I wonder how all those northerners are feeling now? Sincerely hope the vast majority of them are having a serious case of buyer’s remorse – for all the good it is going to do them.

I don’t what depresses me more: the shit show that has been Bojo the Clown’s government’s response to coronavirus or the Brexit car crash looming at the end of the year.

This, posted by another mate on Facebook, pretty much sums up the pandemic shit show. The most recent restrictions are inexplicably bonkers, not least the suggestion that pubs and restaurants are fine until 10pm. Apparently Covid-19 doesn’t go out until quite late in the evening. (Sounds like advice the Clown must have received from the Wankmaggot. At least there’s no recommendation to ingest bleach or stick a UV light up your arse.)

And then there’s Brexit.

Heard an interview recently with that weasel Michael Gove in which he said, “The people of Britain voted to leave the European Union and that’s what we’re going to do.” No, you prick, the people of Britain did not vote to leave the EU. Scotland certainly didn’t vote to leave. Nor did Northern Ireland. A slim majority of Welsh voters opted to leave. (I still cannot figure out how Welsh farmers think they’re going to survive without EU agricultural subsidies.) Londoners voted by a huge majority to remain, although middle England won the day.

So, no, Michael, the slim majority you won in the referendum did not reflect the wishes of Britain. And of those middle Englanders who did want to put an end to Johnny Foreigner telling England what to do, I suspect (although I could be wrong) that most do not want the disaster which will be the no deal Brexit you and your clown prince wanted all along. Nor, I’m sure, will those Geordies who abandoned Labour last December in order to give Bojo his mandate to “Get Brexit Done” be very happy with the results.

Oh, and let’s tear up the Good Friday Agreement while we’re at it, eh? Jesus Fucking Christ Almighty. When do you get to the bottom of this stinking barrel?

Four more years of staggering incompetence and corruption.

My poor mother country.

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  1. krysross permalink

    Russian interference in both Johnson’s election and the Brexit vote. Once Putin’s destroyed the west, I wonder how he’ll enjoy having China as the only remaining super power.

  2. Catherine Stewart permalink

    Saw a great meme to help us survive the insanity: You’ve just got to take it one “Are you fucking kidding me” at a time.

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