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Gulp (again)

September 22, 2020

Tomorrow’s the day. Tomorrow I have to get on the ferry and go to town for an appointment at the larger dental practice which is parent to the one on the island. Tomorrow I have to have some sort of scan and a mould done of my teeth. Then I have to discuss the various options for having my front tooth replaced. Tomorrow is the day I’m probably going to find out that the $4500 (before tax) quote for an implant isn’t actually the final figure, that I will probably be gouged hundreds and hundreds more dollars as each and every appointment involved is tallied. Have I mentioned that I bloody hate money grubbing dentists? Yes, I have.

Tomorrow will be the first time I’ve been off the island this year. In fact, as I discovered when I had a look at the most recent ferry receipt in the car, it will be the first time I’ve been off the island in over a year. This is not Covid-related. (Although, touch wood, we still haven’t had a single case on the island.) This is simply a matter of town having virtually no attractions for me. If I lived a twenty-minute ferry ride from Victoria, with its theatres and cinemas and galleries and eateries, I might be tempted. But I don’t. Strip malls never held much attraction. During a pandemic they hold none whatsoever.

What I might do, as I’m being forced on the ferry anyway, is sort out a SIM card for the iPhone6 a friend in the UK kindly sent me to use as a camera when my new Mac refused to recognise my Nikon. It’s amazing what one can do with the phone just using wi-fi, including sending text messages around the world. In fact, so far the only good thing I have to say about transitioning to the Mac is that it led to acquiring the iPhone. Still not liking the former very much (despite all those Mac heads telling me how much I would come to love it), but very much liking the latter. (I mean, c’mon, it’s also a torch. How cool is that?) I could probably make do with it as just a mini computer, camera and alarm clock, but it has occurred to me, since it’s unlocked, that not only could I use it here as an actual mobile phone, but I could also pop a UK SIM card into it for use if and when I ever get back to London.

After seeking advice from a variety of chums, it seems my best option is a $15 a month prepaid plan with Koodo, who operate within the Telus framework, which is the only one likely to ever have a signal that might work in my largely-mobile-network-dead-zone location. So, yes, if I have to go to town (which annoyingly I do), I could pop into the drug store there and acquire a SIM card. Then I guess I will find out if I’m still in a dead zone.

OMG. This is unfolding faster than reeling from one Wankmaggot lie to another.

Before I started writing, I sent an email to the chum who’d recommended Koodo, asking if she knew if the drug store opposite the ferry terminal sold prepaid SIM cards, as this wasn’t clear from their website and no one was answering the phone. She’s just rung to say that they don’t – they only sell SIM cards that go with monthly plans. If I want to pick up a prepaid card I’d have to drive to one of the malls. Argh. I am not taking the car. The only good thing about the dentist office in town is that it’s walking distance from the ferry. My friend said, if I wasn’t in a tearing rush to activate the phone, the easiest thing to do would be to order a card from Amazon. In fact, as she was telling me this, because she’s on a free one-month trial of Amazon Prime, she ordered it for me. When it arrives, she’ll invite me over to insert card in phone and set up plan on the Koodo website.

Well, that’s lovely. Except now there is no reason to go to town other than the bloody dental appointment. I really would have liked my first ferry trip in 2020 to have been for something a bit more satisfying than that.

Oh, well.

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