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Seven bullets

August 30, 2020

This past week a town of which no one outside Wisconsin had ever heard became the centrepiece of pretty much everything that’s wrong with the United States.

Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old black man was shot in the back seven times by a white police officer, an act of brutality witnessed by Blake’s three young sons, who were in the back of the car. Those boys will be scarred for life. Miraculously, Blake survived the shooting, although he is now paralysed from the waist down.

Once upon a time (and not all that long ago), if a police officer thought his life was at risk, he shot to disarm. One bullet in the shoulder or the leg. No idea, other than Jacob being black and the police officer being white, why Officer Rusten Sheskey thought Jacob, who was just trying to get back into his car, posed a threat, but there are simply no circumstances in which a perceived threat merits seven bullets in the back. That police officer is on administrative leave. He should be in jail.

It goes without saying that protests erupted in that town, Kenosha, Wisconsin. And, yes, that first night, what began as an angry but peaceful protest did degenerate into looting and property damage.

A curfew is imposed. The National Guard is brought in. Tear gas and rubber bullets are used on protesters. Same old, tragically same old.

And then a group of armed vigilantes from neighbouring Illinois turns up “to protect businesses”. Local police tell these gun-toting, looking-for-trouble-makers that “we appreciate you guys, we really do.” And give them bottled water.

Shortly afterwards, one of these nuts, a seventeen-year-old, shoots and kills two people and severely injures a third. And then, as he is fleeing local citizens who are attempting to disarm and detain him, he spots armoured police vehicles coming towards him.


He puts his hands in the air. The armoured vehicles drive right past him. He goes home to Illinois. I repeat: the police drive right past him. Armed white boy? Nothing to see here, folks. There are black protesters to quell.

Yes, the next day this baby-faced killer (who isn’t old enough to legally own a gun) is identified and charged with murder. His newly appointed lawyer (who’s previously represented the Wankmaggot’s pals Rudy Giuliani and Carter Page) announces on Friday that his client will be pleading not guilty on the grounds of self defence. The awful thing is, he might just get away with it.

Meanwhile, the American Civil Liberties Union has called for the resignation of Kenosha’s sheriff and chief of police. Good luck with that.

Could this situation get any worse?

Well, of course it could.

This morning I wake up to the news that the Tangerine Wankmaggot plans to go to Kenosha on Tuesday.

This isn’t Obama or Clinton or even Dubya trying to soothe a troubled nation. This is a psychopathic pile of shit deliberately setting out to pour oil on a fire.

I can probably be arrested for even asking this, but I’m going to ask it anyway. Why can’t someone put seven bullets in that toxic turd? Preferably before Tuesday.

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  1. Donna permalink

    Thank you for putting into words the disgust I’m feeling. I can’t express how enraged I am by this abomination. And the fact that dump is heading to Kenosha, not to visit the family of Jacob Blake – of course he isn’t – but to show his support to the police? I can’t even…

  2. Flavio Galtieri permalink

    Your blog would be so much more readable if you posted what you really thought…hasn’t this now become Trump’s reelection strategy? Law and order vs BLM? Dangerous in the extreme but the more violent protests become the more some voters in swing states may fall for it? After all, it’s a tried and tested strategy for fascists.

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