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Dark and stormy

August 25, 2020

I’m a political junkie. I admit it.

So last week I did tape and watch most of the speeches from the virtual Democratic convention. (Oh, Obama, all those thoughtful words, all those complete sentences.)

I am not, however, a complete glutton for punishment. Watching the Republican convention this week would probably make my head explode. No, this week’s bullshitathon requires a different approach.


That’s right. I’m letting Stephen Colbert go through the misery of watching the speeches, then tuning in to let him tell me what happened. Before you go any further, I do encourage you to watch the monologue. At one point I was laughing so much I nearly started crying. (Actually, so was he.) If you can’t watch the whole thing, at least stick with it until he’s finished with douchebag Matt Gaetz.

I know the Trumpublicans are no laughing matter. Poking fun at them does help, though.

As the convention was about to begin, the Democrats released a list of GOP lawmakers who’ve come out against President Wankmaggot. Really? I thought. Who? So I went searching. Oh, I see. It’s a list of former GOP senators and congressmen. Nobody who’s actually running for re-election. Figures.

As this article reveals (and most of us already know) there are lots of Republicans who’ve come out against the Wankmaggot. You know, the Republicans who aren’t actually frothing at the mouth.

But wait. What’s this buried at the bottom of the article? Three, count ’em three sitting Republican lawmakers are voicing some concern.

Senator Mitt Romney (Utah) has said he will not vote for Trump and may write-in his wife, while Senator Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) said she is “struggling” with the decision. Representative Francis Rooney (Florida) has also said he will not vote for Trump and is considering a vote for Biden.

Write in his wife’s name? Oh, c’mon Mitt, grow a pair. And, Lisa, seriously? What is there to “struggle” with? You voted against Betsy DeVos. You voted against Kavanaugh. You’ve clearly got a conscience, so why not just say that for the sake of the country you’re voting for Joe Biden? It might make you the former senator from Alaska, but it wouldn’t actually kill you. Unlike McConnell, Graham, Cruz and the rest of the enablers, you’d still have your dignity.

It’s clear from yesterday that the Trumpublicans plan to spend the entire week painting a picture of the dark and stormy dystopian (that’s right, Matt Putz, dystopian) future awaiting the US of A if Joe Biden and that black bitch are elected.

It’s also clear that the 35% of Yanks who are slavishly devoted to that walking pile of shit in the Oval Office will eat it up with a spoon while continuing to drink the Kool-Aid.

What isn’t clear to me is what the hell is up with the other 13 or 14% of Yanks who are factoring into swing state poll numbers of Biden 51%/Turd 49%. How are the numbers not Biden 65%/Turd 35%?

Those poll numbers terrify me. The world is holding its breath. We really can’t take another four dark and stormy years.


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