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What the fuck, Michael?

May 9, 2020

There is an argument to be made that overpopulation must be addressed. There is also a well established, straightforward answer to this challenge: Educate girls. When I say “straightforward”, I don’t mean easy. Centuries of inbred misogyny must be overcome – from that prick Augustine, who (having sworn off worldly pleasures for a monastic life, but still kept getting erections when he saw them) declared women the root of all evil in the world to the Islamic clerics who pick and choose what they want from the Koran to justify the continued subjugation of women, when any proper reading of the holy book reveals quite the opposite.

There is also an argument that can, should and is being made that humanity – particularly in the western world – must reduce its consumption in general and of meat in particular if this planet on which we live is to ever be truly sustainable for all the creatures which rely upon it. Anyone who’s been paying attention (admittedly not the majority and certainly not many politicians) knows what we need to do.

The way to win either of these arguments is with facts. Oddly, that is not the option chosen by Michael Moore (a man whose films and books I have long admired and enjoyed), who decided for some reason to put his influential imprimatur on Jeff Gibbs’s outdated trashing of solar and wind power. (Can a switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy alone save the planet? No. Is a switch to renewable energy a crucial step in healing the damage done by fossil fuels? Yes.)

I could write a profanity-laced rant about all the things that are misleading or just downright wrong about Planet of the Humans or I could simply offer up this calm and collected critique of the film and all its obfuscations.


I know it will take up half an hour of your life, but do please watch it. And then ask yourself what I’ve been asking myself for the past couple of weeks: What the fuck, Michael?

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