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What a difference some rain makes

April 28, 2020

As I was going to report yesterday, a couple of days ago I went down to the garden for the first time since the heavy rainfall. Oh, my goodness.

There was no sign of the peas sprouting. Maybe they need a few more days. Or maybe the damn birds got them all, although I did pack them in pretty firmly. Never mind the peas.

There were the first small flowers on the strawberries! A couple of teeny tiny lettuces have appeared. There is new growth on all the rose bushes, including my favourite, the yellow one. (Let’s hope the manure and soil conditioner do the trick and there are rather more roses this summer than last.) The dwarf apple tree, which I feared I may have pruned too aggressively, has not just leaves on all the branches, but suddenly there are clusters of blossom, too! (This apple tree is a bit of an, I don’t know, joke? Every year, a few days before the apples are big enough to actually try to eat, they all disappear one night, discovered no doubt by some raccoon who doesn’t mind eating unripened apples. Hope it gives him a stomach ache.)

All very exciting.

Less exciting is the lack of any new growth on most of the raspberries. And I really must stop trying to kid myself that two of the four dwarf blueberries have any life left in them at all. Time to make an appointment at the garden shop.

Out back, one of the flowers on one of the rhodos have suddenly begun to open, a colourful splash of deep, dark pink in all the green. I’d take a photo to share (and maybe one of the apple blossom and of the strawberry flowers), but I can’t face the hassle this would involve.

There were a couple of interesting suggestions after my post about window washing and the challenge of getting a photo from my camera to the website.

Rhodo Dave, who is apparently not just a pretty face (and rhododendron expert) informs me that “Windex has a spray bottle that you attach to your hose that will wash a window up to 20 feet away.” Interesting and worth investigating, although my water pressure isn’t all that great, so I’m not sure I could actually get the water up to the bedroom windows. Will try with just the hose later.

Less helpful was a query about whether my camera has Bluetooth, which apparently Macs like. No, of course my bloody camera doesn’t have fucking Bluetooth. Jeez.

There was another suggestion about overcoming the frigging Mac photo challenge: “If you could pick up a really cheap old iPhone 6 or similar the two will integrate to make life so much easier. And it’s got a pretty good camera too.

Hmm. I have for some time been vaguely considering buying a used smart phone, not for the phone itself (given that I live in a mobile black hole, there is no point in coughing up the outrageous Canadian monthly fee for even the most basic package), but for the camera. My dog walking pal Joe often posts great photos he takes when he’s out with Lexi. The camera/phone is so portable, slips into any pocket. Yes, I’ve thought, I should look into that, if for no other reason than I would no longer have to buy batteries. The thought of buying a used iPhone had never occurred to me. I’ve always had the same resistance to them that I’ve historically had to Macs. But, if I’m stuck with the Mac, which apparently I am, I have to admit a camera/phone that actually communicated with the stupid computer is probably a good idea.

A check online reveals that a used iPhone 6 can be had for $190 (plus tax and shipping, whatever those come to). It would be nice to be able to get photos on to my computer without a tortuous five-step procedure. I checked and the company is still doing online orders.

Oh, but wait. I’m on my second morning of a steamed milk and Bodum coffee approximation of a cappuccino. I haven’t completely given up on figuring out how to get the Breville working again. Rhodo Dave (again, not just a pretty face) has some ideas. But, if I can’t get the Breville working, what is my priority?

Although some might argue, it is my belief that a cappuccino in the morning is one of life’s necessities. A camera that communicates with a computer, whilst a lovely thing in and of itself, is not.

Decisions, decisions.

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