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Mac – Day two

April 21, 2020

Okay, thanks to various friends offering up advice, I now know that I can save LibreOffice files as pdfs. Well, not “save as” per se, rather “export as”. Who knew? And export to where? Oh, well. Good to know.

I’ve also learnt the role of the fuck, no key (as in “fuck, no, you’re kidding, right?” or fn). Turns out this is what you’re supposed to use in combination with the arrow keys to do page up and page down. Useful, but, no, it does not, as I was told it would, also operate as a replacement for home and end. I’ve just tried. Pressing it with the left arrow simply takes you back to the start of the document. Pressing it with the right arrow takes you to the end of the paragraph. Not what I want when I’m just trying to get back to the beginning or end of a line. So, fuck no on that.

The fuck no key does allow you to delete forward, as well as backwards, so that’s good, I guess.

Back to LibreOffice. If anyone knows how the hell I can add fonts to those on offer, please tell me, because a number of fonts I like and regularly use are not available. Last December, when I first briefly played with and attempted to learn to love my new Mac, I did successfully download Cooper Black and Century Gothic from a site offering fonts for Macs. I suppose they must be on the computer somewhere, but wherever the hell they are, they aren’t on offer in LibreOffice. Damn it, I want those fonts. Clicking on the Help option and ending up on LibreOffice’s website has so far provided no useful information. Grr.

I’m going to keep this brief, because I have some cooking to do.

Late last November, when I thought my friend Krys would be visiting in a week, I spotted some lobster tails in the freezer section of the local grocery store. Oh, I thought, I should buy a couple of those to have for dinner one night while she’s here. Her trip ended up being cancelled and the lobster tails have remained frozen.

A little while ago I thought, hmm, maybe I could make some lobster bisque. I do like lobster bisque, after all. Took me a bit of online searching to find a recipe I thought would approximate some of the yummy lobster bisques I’ve had in restaurants. I copied and pasted it into a Word document on the old Toshiba. Unfortunately I couldn’t print it, because the Toshiba and my printer ceased being able to communicate with one another some time ago. So I emailed it to myself yesterday morning before swapping computers on the desk. Yes, the Mac allowed me to open the recipe in LibreOffice and, yes, LibreOffice seemed all too willing to print it. Except it didn’t. Nothing happened. And, of course, I don’t know enough about the stupid Mac to find the printer connection on it and figure out what was going wrong. So I had to copy and paste the Word doc into TextEdit, do a bit of reformatting and try to print from there. It worked! Not the formatting I wanted, but at least I have an actual print copy of the recipe to put in my binder.

Lobster bisque for dinner tonight. Yum.

Day two on the Mac and I am still far from convinced. But I did say I’d give it a week. Perhaps there is an epiphany awaiting me on Day Three or Six. We shall see.


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