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Rotten day

December 20, 2019

As Kasim Baba might have said, curses, yesterday was a really rotten day.

In the aftermath of a performance it is customary for the director to request feedback from the cast and crew members, which I duly did. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Until yesterday morning when I received some overwhelmingly negative comments from one person. It felt like a slap in the face, because this individual is someone I thought was a mate. What really hurt was being told that these negative concerns had been raised with “a few people” before the performances. I don’t know who these people were, but I do know I wasn’t one of them, which of course raises the question of what kind of mate this is and the answer seems to be not much of one.

So the day didn’t start well.

Then I took the car to the garage to have a check-up and tire swap. When I went back to collect it there was some bad news.

The good thing about having an older car without electric windows or other bells and whistles is that there are far fewer things that can go wrong with it. Unfortunately, of the things that can go wrong, one is catastrophic.

And so I received the news that the clutch needs replacing. The garage gave me a worst case scenario estimate: $1400. This could be reduced if the job takes less time than the very professional estimate suggests, but even then it will still be $1000+.

The mechanic assures me that my Echo is otherwise in extremely good nick, so it is definitely worth spending the money on the clutch. It isn’t as if I would be spending more money on the car than the car is actually worth. Good to know, but deeply depressing nonetheless.

I was planning to go to England in March to see family and friends. I simply cannot afford a plane ticket and a new clutch. And living here on the island I need a car. So, bye-bye London in the spring and hello huge auto repair bill.

All this, combined with the residual despair of King Boris’s coronation last Friday, has the makings of a very bleak December indeed.

Just as well then that a chum is visiting and will be here over Christmas to provide some seasonal cheer, otherwise it could have been a very black dog day.

So, you think things are going pretty well off the meds? Ho, ho, ho.

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  1. krysross permalink

    Rotten luck.

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