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The side of your bed

October 4, 2019


Is this what the side of your bed looks like? Congratulations! You are a biblioptimist. You are incapable of walking past a book shop. You are incapable of leaving a book shop without buying at least one book. You are drawn inextricably towards the book section in charity shops and at the local recycling depot. You always buy a book.

You truly believe when you buy that book that there are enough hours in a day, enough days in a week, enough weeks in a year and enough years left in your life to read that book you just bought and all the other books stacked beside your bed. Nothing can persuade a biblioptimist otherwise.

Think that pile at the side of my bed doesn’t look too bad compared to your pile? Think again. That is actually the front of two piles of equal height. And, oh, look! There’s another pile at the foot of the bed that’s just as tall. Oh, and another one on the other side of the bed.

Ask me what the highlights were of my mini road trip (Victoria via a night in Port Renfrew) with my friend Tony in August? Go on, ask me. Okay, I’ll tell you: stopping in Ladysmith for lunch on the way to Port Renfrew and discovering the pretty little town boasted a new and used book shop, Salamander Books. I bought three used books. (In fairness to me, I have actually read one of them.) Tony bought two.

And, of course, once we got to Victoria, whatever else Tony wanted to do or see, there had to be a visit here.

08-12 munros

I bought five books (three from the sale table). Tony bought one. I haven’t opened any of them. They’re sitting in the pile beside the bed.

There is only one answer. My fairy bookmother needs to wave her magic wand and impose a year of bed rest (along with providing a fairy housekeeper to cook and chop wood). Yep, that’s it. A solid year of reading with no distractions. That would definitely make a dent in the pile.

If only I had a pair of ruby slippers I could tap together.

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  1. Your room looks v cozy. Also, read or unread, books do furnish a room!

  2. Wow, Impressive 🙂

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