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Job done

September 3, 2019

Not that job. Not yesterday’s job. (Although that job is done.) This is another one, also involving a roof.

When Mike and I bought the property in 1996, it included this little shed.

new bench and hut

It really wasn’t big enough to store firewood, which had piled up in the then semi-finished basement. Not ideal, so that summer I assisted our handyman Tom in building an actual woodshed.

tom & I build a wood shed

A great improvement.

Fifteen years later, in November 2011, I realised the roof of the woodshed had started leaking. It was the last weekend of November. I know this, because my friends Darryl, Morag and Catherine were visiting to see me in my tiny role in The Pied Piper, the first panto in which I was involved. Being the end of November it was raining and likely would continue to rain for many months, so Darryl and I attached a tarp over the shed to keep the wood dry.

Let me repeat that: November 2011.

That tarp stayed on the woodshed until May 2018, when I finally removed it, intending to let the roof dry out thoroughly and then replace the tar paper covering. In late September it started raining and the roof started leaking again. As it happened, Darryl was visiting once again. Once again he and I covered the woodshed with a tarp.

Early this summer I removed the tarp from the woodshed and elicited an offer from manly man Charlie to come over and help me re-cover the roof. Two and a half months later I was still waiting for him to appear. Last Friday I finally gave up and re-covered the roof myself. Took me an hour.

08-30 woodshed

This turned out to be a job I could have easily done in the summer of 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 or 2018. Oh, well. It’s done now. As a wise man once said, you can’t rush these big jobs.


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