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May 24, 2019

I thought I should provide a bit of an update before I head off island tomorrow. There’s various fruit and veg news.

05-23 tomatoes

Thanks to the lovely Jan (Mrs. Rhodo Dave), I now have six already-flowering cherry tomato plants, which, she assures me, will produce a bumper crop.

05-23 lettuce

There will soon be lettuce to eat!

05-23 strawbs

Although it may not be obvious from this photo, there are lots of flowers on the strawberry plants, which of course means lots of strawberries next month. Yum.

05-23 peas

The peas are coming along nicely and the pole beans have started to appear.

Hardly worth taking a photo, as you’d never be able to see them at this point, but there are also beets and carrots beginning to appear.

And, just outside the garden…

05-08 path

This particular photo will mean nothing to anyone except Krys: the garden path cleared of pine cones and needles.

Hopefully things will still be progressing apace when I get back from the Okanagan next week. I shall keep you posted.


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