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Bloomin’ rhodos

May 21, 2019

Spent some time today giving all the rhododendrons their second feed of the year. Before you ask, no, I wouldn’t remember to do this if I wasn’t on Rhodo Dave’s rhodo maintenance email list.

All the rhodos that are going to flower this year have done or are doing so.

05-08 rhodo

With perfect timing, this first flower opened the day Rhodo Dave came over to help me do the candling. This was on one of the first two rhodos I planted – the ones Dave decided to adopt in order to protect them from me.

05-21 rhodo2

The second of the original two has its best show of flowers ever. (Yeah, okay, Dave, I admit it: it’s a good idea to feed them.

05-21 rhodo1

The rhodo I purchased from Dave (who’d lovingly grown it from a cutting) and which I placed on the deck in a big pot, is looking just beautiful.

05-07 deck

In fact, the whole deck, with its rhododendron, ceanothus and lavender (and lilies and dahlias to come), looks absolutely wonderful. Why, oh, why have I never thought to do this before?

05-21 rhodo 3

The second rhodo purchased from Dave earlier this year is also looking lovely. Let’s be honest, however. I really need to find a large, attractive ceramic pot for it, don’t I? Gorgeous plant, boring pot.

05-21 rhodo4

The purple rhodo planted in a newly created bed at the front of the house last year has produced more flowers this year. Unfortunately, the timing isn’t as good. Last year the rhodo bloomed at the same time as the two ceanothuses (ceanothi?)I planted with it. The combination of the deep purple and blue was really quite wonderful.

As for the other rhodo I purchased last year…

04-24 rhodo

What I thought when I took this photo in March might be clusters of flowers, turned out to be clusters of leaves. Lots and lots of leaves. It’s doubled in size. Hopefully next year I’ll get some of those scented flowers Dave promised.

Everything in the garden and everywhere else is going to need a really good soak over the next couple of days, because I’m leaving on Saturday for a week in the Okanagan with Irmani. The cat sitter does not water gardens. (Irmani – if you’re reading this, remind me about that ceramic pot when we’re on the road.)

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