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November 26, 2018

I didn’t set the alarm last night, figuring I’d just get as much sleep as I needed. I woke up at 1:30 in the afternoon. The plan was to make a cappuccino, go back to bed, check my email and do my French homework on the tablet, then move to the computer to write a proper length post. I was even planning to do some housework.

Then this happened while I was doing my French.


This is Stella and she’s stretched across my lap. This has never happened before. In the six years that Stella has been with me, she has never once, on the sofa or on the bed, got on my lap. She curls up beside me, close enough for easy patting, on the sofa of an evening. When I’m reading in bed, rather than use the entirely empty side, she will often stretch out on the six inches between me and the edge of the mattress.

My astonishment that Stella was actually sleeping on me, made it impossible to get out of bed. So, instead of writing a lengthy post or doing any housework, I reached for my book and read for three hours.

It’s now 4:30. I haven’t eaten all day, so there is bacon cooking on the stove. Bacon and eggs for dinner. Why not? I’d completely forgotten that I have to go out this evening, having failed to note the next book club date on the calendar.

Bit embarrassing. I haven’t even opened the book. (Too many birthday books taking priority.) I thought for some reason that we were taking a week off between the panto and the club.

Oh, well, doesn’t matter. This is the Bad Girls Book Club. As long as you turn up with a bottle of wine, it doesn’t matter if you bothered reading the book.

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