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It’s show time!

November 23, 2018

Okay, it’s opening night. After a session with a fellow cast member yesterday. I’m feeling reasonably confident about my lines.

Let’s check those speeches.

“Ah, it was a fine sea tale. We were heading south, ready to cross the equator, when a gale force wind caught the jenny and ripped it from ear to ear. ‘All hands on deck,’ I cried, but before my mates could batten down the hatches, the sea crashed like thunder on our decks. I gripped the wheel with all my brute strength, trying to steer a steady course, trying to keep the topsides, well, er, topside. Finally, after three days and three nights, the storm abated and here we are.”

Yay! Pat on the back for me.

“Many, many miles. Storms tossed our ship like a cork in a bottle. A nor’ nor’ westerly shivered our timbers and blew us off course. We haven’t seen land in days, eaten in weeks, bathed in months. I thought we were heading for a shipwreck. I was about to abandon ship. You, sir, are looking at a desperate man. What are you looking at?”

Yay! Another pat on the back.

“Only a few more minutes to go. This reminds me of the time we were waiting out Hurricane Eva. Aye, she was a brawny storm. Big banks of black ornery clouds on the horizon. Zephyrs of winds whipping the sea into a nasty fury. We reefed the main, pulled in the topsail. Took turns using the head. Well, we had to. Who knew when we’d have another chance to go? We cleared the decks, we battened down the hatches, we scuppered the scuppers, and then, and then, before we had time to – “

Yay! Another pat on the back.

“Gold! Gold! Ahoy, me hearties, ready your sea legs and let’s leave these landlubbers behind. It’s time to raise anchor, set sail and skedaddle… I bid you all a fond farewell. I shall remember everyone fondly – some more than others – rest assured I will recount this tale as I sail far and wide.”

Woo, hoo! All four are now firmly (some more than others) lodged in my head.

Of course, as any thespian will tell you, as soon as the lines that have been giving you trouble are finally memorised, others, with which you’ve never previously had a problem, completely disappear. It’s a mystery.

Fingers crossed.

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