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And the birthday continues

November 8, 2018

I must say, I had a brilliant birthday yesterday. Beautiful day, lovely walk at Drumbeg (my favourite place on the island and possibly the world), back tickles from Catherine and a really quite successful party at the pub. For all these things I am truly grateful.

And today my birthday was completed. First I woke up to the news that there is going to be a recount in Florida governor’s race. (Quite a nice birthday present.) Then I went to the post box.

Anyone who knows me knows that no birthday is complete for me without Ian Rankin. And there he was waiting for me. (Well, his latest novel, not the man himself scrunched into the post box.) Thank you, Irmani! (And for the Robert Galbraith, but you know my heart belongs to Rebus.)

Now I gotta go. Rehearsal this evening and I haven’t looked at my lines in days.

A longer post tomorrow.

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