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Job done

May 28, 2018

05-28 new bed

Come on, tell me you’re not bloody impressed. (And if you’re not, how the hell is that possible?)

Two days ago I wrote at length about my seeming inability to get a single outdoor job finished, including getting the bricks off the roof of the woodshed to surround a new bed I wanted to create.

Yesterday I got up on the woodshed to retrieve the bricks (and get all the pine needles off it).

And today I was hard at it for hours working on said bed. (Thank heavens for The Next Chapter at one o’clock which allowed me to take a tea break. So what If I’d heard it before?)

After six hours – voila! – I have a new bed at the front of the house. It did look a bit sad when all it contained was a rhododendron and two lavender plants. Not good enough. Fortunately I bought another California lilac at the nursery last week, intending to put it in the garden. (If it’s true that one can never have too many lilacs, it is even more true that you cannot have too many California lilacs, as bees absolutely love the flowers.) I decided to add it to my new bed instead. (If you can’t see it, it’s behind the lavender on the right.)

Better, but of course now the bed looks lopsided and we can’t have that, can we? So I dug another hole and tomorrow I will go back to the nursery to get a second California lilac.

The sheer genius of this endeavour is that it seems likely this will be another long, hot, dry summer. So what I needed more than anything else was more plants that require watering. Hopefully the well won’t run dry.

In the meantime, a big pat on the back for me. Job done. Well, one job anyway.

  1. I am supposed to be impressed by a California lilac that I can’t even see? I cut a big one down just recently. They are weeds! You know they are not really lilacs right? They are evergreen and lack fragrance. Now, that top picture is impressive. Why go and ruin it with a big weed?

  2. krysross permalink

    I am impressed.

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