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A good outing

May 27, 2018

Apparently there’s nothing quite like outing yourself as a complete procrastinator to get your butt in gear.

05-27 woodshed

Yes, my friends, this afternoon I got the ladder out and cleared off the roof of the woodshed. After six and a half years the accumulated pine needles were close to turning into soil and there were some small weeds growing on the roof.

As I suspected (and as the patch of mould on the ceiling of the shed suggested), at some point the tarp had sprung a leak. I’m going to let the sun get on it for a couple of days before I can assess whether this is a repair or replace job. If the latter, perhaps I can enlist the help of a manly man. Unfortunately one of them put himself out of the running yesterday, claiming he had far too much procrastination of his own to deal with and thus no time to help with mine.

Oh, and just to indicate what a roll I’m on today, I did not just leave the bricks I tossed off the roof lying around and in the way. I shifted them all and stacked them neatly in a three-deep brick “wall” at the end of the soon-to-be flower bed. I realised as I was doing so that it was a ridiculous idea. All it would take is one deer to knock them all over. It didn’t even need that. Stella (the cat) came down to investigate my activity. She climbed on to the “wall”. To my surprise it did not fall over. She walked the length of it delicately. Then she jumped off. Then it fell over. Well, I saw that coming. At least the bricks aren’t scattered about the driveway and yard.

And now, having worked up quite a sweat with all this activity, I must have a shower to improve my aroma before I head off to my book club.

Expect flower bed soon.

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