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Peas, please

April 25, 2018

It’s strange having a foot in two places (especially as they are so different and so far apart). I’ve recently returned to Gabriola after a fortnight in England. It felt so natural to be back in London (and visiting family elsewhere), but getting home felt completely natural, too. Especially when I was greeted by a yard full of daffodils.


Unfortunately, this photo does not do them justice.

Fortunately, I brought back the good weather I took to London. Spring appears to have truly arrived and with it comes the siren song of the garden.

Much of the past weekend was spent in my little sunny corner. Even got the cushions out of the shed and onto the swing.

The raised vegetable bed was turned over and fertilised on Saturday. On Sunday I planted the first batch of peas, along with some lettuce and rocket. (I will never be able to think of the latter as arugula.)

raised bed

This, of course, also involved some cat proofing, what with Stella’s track record of assuming the soft soil is a giant litter box. So, plant trays over the lettuce and rocket until they start (hopefully) to come up and black liner over the portion still to be planted.

No idea what sort of weather is in the forecast. Nor what I’d like to see. A long, hot summer, as we had four years running, will mean bumper crops, but also dramatically increase the likelihood of the well running dry again. If we get Juneuary this year, as we did last year, I fear for the tomatoes, but not the well.

Such a wild, unpredictable adventure, innit?

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  1. It is all unpredictable. The weather, the water, the insects and so on. It would be boring otherwise.

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