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Day eighteen – Tempus fugit when you don’t set the alarm

November 18, 2017

Darryl had to be up and away quite early yesterday. Obviously I got up (much earlier than I usually do) to make him some toast and see him off. When he left, I went back to bed, although not to sleep. Decided to use the early up day to try to fast track this sleep thing of mine.

Whilst in bed I did my French homework. Duolingo was so impressed I got a message announcing that I’d completed by daily task before 8am! And, yes, the message included an exclamation mark. Then I checked out the Guardian website. (Potentially fantastic news out of poor Zimbabwe.) Then I got up and made a batch of granola.

Then, after I’d checked emails and Facebook, just as I was ready to sit down and write yesterday’s entry, the itch started up. Okay, I decided, I’ll do the Guardian crossword puzzle. It didn’t satisfy the itch. Okay, one code cracker puzzle and one word search puzzle. I did two of each. Okay, one game of Scrabble. I ended up playing Scrabble for two hours. (This will now have to be renamed the stupid fucking spider solitaire and Scrabble challenge. No SFSS&S!) Then it was suddenly time to go to the pub for my weekly game of pool with Pat. After that a quick entry written about Darryl’s visit, hen the day was gone. Dark outside, time to light the fire and make dinner. Am I coming down with something? Is this part of the depression? Should I see the doctor? I don’t know.

I do know this has got to be sorted. I have to set my alarm tonight. The panto is moving from the rehearsal hall to the venue tomorrow and it’s all hands on deck for the set up. I have to be there for 11am to help. But next week I am not going to set my alarm. I will sleep for however long my body wants and not worry about having enough time to write an entry, go to the gym and do some contract work. (First paycheque arrived yesterday and was banked. For the first time in a long, long time, I’m not wondering if I’m going to have to dip into the line of credit to make it through the month. Thank you, Krys!) These entires may be short, I may not make it to the gym, but, goddamn it, I am going to get enough sleep.

No time for my cherished Sunday morning bacon and egg brunch tomorrow, so I’m going to have it now.

À demain.


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