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August 19, 2017

Up early and out of the house at 8am to catch the ten to nine ferry off the island. Ordinarily leaving the house 50 minutes before departure is more than enough time. Not that morning. That morning the cars were already well past the overload sign when we got there. Welcome to island living in the summertime. Quick detour to the best coffee shop on the island for a takeaway coffee in our travel mugs, then back to the queue. So, not the ten to nine ferry, but the five past ten.

Once we were on the ferry we were approached by a woman with a clipboard, contracted by BC Ferries to do the unenviable job of conducting a customer satisfaction survey.

Did we, she asked, catch the ferry we wanted that morning? No, I told her, we’d been in the line-up for the previous ferry, which was an overload. Were we, she asked, happy with the ferry we’d caught? Well, gee, no not really as we’d expected to already have started the day’s long drive, instead of which we were on the ferry after the ferry we wanted. (Not her fault. The questionnaire’s fault.)

Okay, broke off writing to head down to the theatre festival’s early show. (The Jupiter Rebellion which turned out to be almost as hilarious as One Man Pride and Prejudice.) I thought I’d have enough time between shows to get through last Thursday’s adventures, but I got side tracked picking blackberries and have arranged to meet friends for pizza and a cocktail before the early evening show. So, no time after all.

The story of the journey will have to wait until tomorrow.


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  1. krysross permalink

    next time I come I want field trips!

  2. Irmani Smallwood permalink

    This was a slow start to an epic day 🙂

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