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A perfect Pinafore

July 26, 2017

Where was I? Oh, yes: the Seattle Mystery Book Store, dim sum and a fantastic, nail biting baseball game. How great is that? But wait. There’s more!

After a buck’s fizz brunch on Sunday, Robbie and I head downtown for a matinee of HMS Pinafore. Yes, all this and a comic opera!

I’ve seen Pinafore at least twice before, once at Savoy theatre in London (the original home theatre of Gilbert and Sullivan) and once, possibly twice, in Vancouver with Mike. This was hands down the best production I’d ever seen. Almost impossible to believe the Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan Society is an amateur theatre group.

sir joseph 2

Everyone involved in the production was excellent, but it was this guy, Jeff Church, who absolutely stole the show as Sir Joseph Porter, Lord of the Admiralty. The last time I saw an actor who could move his body with as much elasticity as this man was John Cleese in the Ministry of Silly Walks. His singing was also perfection for the role. (Blanca the rescue dog was also a bit of a scene stealer.)

As is I believe the norm with most amateur theatre groups, the cast were in the foyer after the show to mingle with the audience. I had to give this bloke a hug, despite his protestations that he was all sweaty. A moment’s conversation revealed that he was originally a Brit (explains a lot) and absolutely flaming. (As Robbie and I told Charlie when we got home, you could light the barbecue with this guy.) All this and a glass (sadly plastic) of champagne during the intermission. How fabulous is that? A visit to a real bookstore, dim sum, a truly exciting baseball game and a fantastic production of Pinafore. What more could anyone ask of a city break?

Although Mr Church was not available to light it, Charlie did get the barbecue going Sunday evening. Steak (first I’ve had since my friend Krys visited last year), corn on the cob (first I’ve had this year) and salad, eaten al fresco with a lovely bottle of rosé. (I do often eat outside in the summer, but it’s not really the same as doing so with good company, is it?)

After dinner it was time for the big screening. (Ha, ha.) When I’d mentioned to Robbie and Charlie that I had the archive copy of the DVD of my one act play, they enthusiastically asked me to bring it with me. So we sat down to watch An Unhelpful Complication.

They were effusive in their praise of my little effort, Charlie saying it had reminded him of David Hare’s Worricker trilogy. High praise indeed. (They also enjoyed the story of Dave conning Charlie and me into doing the Alan Bennett play last year.)

Every time I visit these lovely people, I thank providence – and Charlie – for his mention at Mike’s memorial of going to a Jays game in his honour. Had he not said this I would not have asked to be at that game and it would have been all too easy to have lost touch with them completely.

They were incredibly supportive in the months after Mike’s death, especially when it became clear that his son planned to leave me in debt to the tune of $30,000. I don’t know what I would have done without them. I am so grateful to have them in my life.

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