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Day twenty

November 20, 2016

Blimey. Out of bed before 8am. It’s been a while. Not that this will give me enough time for a proper entry, but I figured I should make a start before I head down to the storage locker. I’m more likely to write something – anything – after all the set up if there is a half-written entry sitting on my computer when I get home.

A treat last night. I made a prawn Thai curry and opened a bottle of sauvignon blank. After dinner I switched to cheapo spritzers, so there would some of the good stuff left to have with the remaining curry tonight.

The good stuff. Indeed. With thanks to the people who contributed to my birthday appeal, I had six bottles of good wine, including a bottle of prosecco, in my little wine rack. And that’s where most of them have remained for two weeks. I did open one of them the night I had some friends over for dinner, but it seems I am hoarding the rest.

It’s all very well having this birthday bonanza, but when will I ever be able to afford treating myself to a nice bottle of wine again without feeling guilty about the cost? I mean, I want to have some nice wine at Christmas, right? So I have to make the birthday bottles last.

Well, not last night. Last night I treated myself. No idea why, but I think this is a good thing.

And now I have to get moving. More anon.

Okay, I’m back. The stage is now set for the panto. We just need to get the lights working. Not my problem.

Where was I? Oh, yes, treats. Those things I could more or less persuade myself I could occasionally afford until bloody Brexit. Of course there’s always the possibility Theresa May will suddenly say, “Fooled you! Just kidding!” But I’m not holding my breath. Treats are now and for the foreseeable future off the table. Thank you, Middle England. I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to tell you to go fuck yourselves.

There’s more prawn curry and more sauvignon blanc for tonight. Let’s focus on that.

And now, after four hours of attempting to turn our community hall into an actual theatre, I am totally knackered.

So, once again, after a fairly short entry, I have to say…


Oh, right. PS I did make it to the gym yesterday.

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