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Day nineteen

November 19, 2016

Oh, crap. I didn’t go to the gym again yesterday. I could make up an excuse. I could say I couldn’t go because I had my weekly pool match with my 94-year-old neighbour (which I had to postpone from Wednesday because I spent that day redoing the entire bloody newsletter). But that wouldn’t be true. There was time between writing yesterday’s entry and the start of the pool match. It would have been a bit of a squeeze, but I could have managed it. I just didn’t go. Might as well simply admit that freely. I can’t restrict the Black Dog Diary to recording successes. Failures must be admitted, too, else what’s the point? This isn’t called the Pat On The Back Diary.

I wasn’t a complete sloth yesterday. I did chop some wood and clean the bathroom. That counts as some sort of exercise, doesn’t it? Even if it is a waste of a gym membership.

I’ll tell you what the gym is good for. It’s good for memorising lines. I know because that’s what I used it for a couple of years ago, the last time I had a (shorter) gym membership. Well, not just memorising lines, obviously. Combining the treadmill or the bike with learning lines. Multi-tasking.

So, if my mate would actually agree to do my play in the new year, not only would I have something to look forward to in the short, dull days of a temperate rainforest winter, but I’d have a good reason to exercise every day.

As for this week, if I make it to the gym today I’ll meet the minimum three-day-a-week target. Better than nothing.

I should probably be writing a rant.

And indeed I did. Meet the real basket of deplorables. Oh, dear. I used “abortion” as a key word. Wonder if old Front Porch Bliss will find me again. (Bet she’s just loving these nominations.)

So, a short entry and a longish rant. It is 1:45pm and I need to go to the gym.

It’s likely to be a short entry tomorrow. It’s time to move the panto from the rehearsal venue to the performance venue. I have to meet someone at our storage locker at 9:30am, which will involve getting up earlier than I usually do to ensure I have a big enough breakfast to last a long time. There just ain’t gonna be time for a proper entry before I head out. Will see what I can do when I get back.

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