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A certain kind of evil

January 8, 2016

Like every person with an ounce of humanity, I am bone-deep horrified by the images released to the world yesterday of the starving men, women and children of Madaya, Syria.

It’s one thing – a terrible thing – to bomb the citizens of your country in an effort to cling to power, but it takes a certain kind of evil to decide to deliberately to starve people to death. It takes a Hitler or a Stalin. Or a Bashar al-Assad.

In response to the justifiable condemnation of the global community, the monster (for that is indeed what he is) Assad has agreed to allow humanitarian aid to be delivered to the starving of Madaya and two other besieged towns, Fua and Kefraya. How bloody kind of him.

George Dubya Bush’s Iraq misadventure, lent bogus legitimacy (yes, I’m talking to you, Tony Blair) by the “coalition of the willing” (which did not include Canada – thank you, Jean Chretien), planted the seed for Daesh (a perverted ideology, which I refuse to refer to by the stately name its adherents prefer). The lack of any coalition willing to forcibly oust Assad after he started slaughtering citizens who dared to protest for more freedom allowed that seed to grow and blossom.

Ten years ago, years before the Arab Spring, the birth of Daesh and the slaughter at Charlie Hebdo, young and angry Muslim men protested around the world about the publication of cartoons of the prophet Muhammed in Denmark.

I remember watching footage of the protest at the Danish embassy in London. I remember seeing this sign.

Europe is the cancer

I remember the kneejerk reaction I had: If you hate Europe so much, why don’t you just fuck off back to the medieval, misogynistic hellhole from whence (however many generations previously) you came? I remember talking on the phone later that evening with my partner Mike, describing my furious reaction to that sign and Mike saying, “That’s exactly what they want.” And, of course, he was right.

I have long agreed with Justin Trudeau that simply dumping bombs on Syria and Iraq will never defeat the macho, malevolent malcontents of Daesh. Being bombed by western governments is exactly what they want.

Nor, in the short term, would the ousting of Assad finish off Daesh, because the rest of the world chose to leave Syria festering for so long that healing will take a very long time. That said (and Putin be damned), Assad’s tyranny is the lifeblood of Daesh and healing cannot even begin until he is gone.

What I want to see is Assad on trial and convicted for the crimes against humanity which he has perpetrated. Then I want him to spend the rest of his life in solitaire in a dank dungeon, his only company some other rats.

But this morning, filled with fury from the Madaya images, I’d be just as happy if a big, fat bomb (dropped on his palace by I do not care whom) blew the bastard to smithereens.

I don’t care how he gets gone, just that he gets got.

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  1. Whenever there is a burst of photographs and information in the press, I suspect the motives.

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