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Rainy day song

May 6, 2023

Rain jacket weather yesterday, but that was fine. There’s beauty everywhere every day in the woods. Like raindrops clinging before they drop.

Unfortunately, my older iPhone wasn’t really up to the job, so Joe used his to take this version.

And this one.

And this one.

I did actually take this photo.

And, yes, there was a song. And, no, it wasn’t Gordon Lightfoot’s Early Morning Rain. 

For some forgotten reason it was Those Were the Days. 

There used to be a pilot named Klaus, who flew the seaplane from here to Vancouver airport, who would insist his passengers sing this song. He had pages with the printed lyrics. After we’d managed to remember a surprising number of the words, I asked Joe if he’d ever been treated to this inflight entertainment. No, he hadn’t, although I have friends who’ve visited and will remember it well.

Joe commented that he’d always thought it sounded like a song that should be sung by an old woman, that there was something very old fashioned about it. This piqued his curiosity, so he pulled his phone out and googled it. And guess what? It is an old song. An old Russian song. I’m prepared to bet it was a Russian Jew who wrote it. Once you know this, of course it makes perfect sense.

So, of course, when I got home, I had to do some googling of my own.

Could this be any more Russian?

Sent the link to Joe, who congratulated me on the find, but said he still preferred this version

Well, honestly, so do I.

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