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April 15, 2023

A lovely, sunny day yesterday, even if the temperature was unseasonably cold. A good day, perhaps, to head for Beavertown, which we haven’t visited for a while.

The only game Georgie likes more than chasing the ball on land, is chasing it into water.

This is one of the few places on the island where you find willow trees, looking especially pretty this time of year with their new yellow leaves. Except, of course, the one on that bit of land in the middle of the pond that the beavers have taken out of commission. (Still have yet to see an actual beaver here, but their presence is unquestionable.)

The daffs planted around the edge of the pond were splendid.

And, yes, that is Georgie in the distance swimming back to us. Joe can hurl the ball a lot further than I can.

Also quite beautiful (and very sticky) were the burgeoning leaf buds on this tree.

No idea what kind of tree it is. I’m leaving it to Joe to figure this out and let me know. As well as ball hurling, he’s better at researching this sort of thing on the internet.

There is a helpful reminder posted on one of the trees heading down towards the pond.

We didn’t run into any cyclists yesterday, but on the way back we did step to one side to allow a horse and rider to pass. (Should have taken a pic. Oh, well.) As Joe pointed out when we noticed the sign, who the hell wouldn’t yield to a horse?

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I do wish someone on the island did trail rides. It’s decades since the last time I was on a horse.

I really would like to have another ride (oo, er) before I die.

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