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Waterfall week

March 19, 2023

I remembered this one from the last time I took the course. 

You start at the top with your sky and the trees in the distance.


Then you add your “islands” floating on nothing.

Then you “scumble” in the higher water.

Then you deal with the bottom two thirds of the painting.

First step in the waterfall.

New trick: dipping your fingers in your water then flicking them at the lower part of the waterfall.

Next join up water and add rocks on the cliff edge and land in the foreground. The instructor suggested adding a little man fishing and demonstrated how to “easily” do so. Like the last time it looked like something that could easily go very badly awry, so (like the last time) I opted instead to add a tree in the foreground. 

Yeah, the tree looks pretty fucking spindly, but it’s growing on rock, okay? So spindly isn’t that bad. 

Hmm. I do feel as if I’m going backwards. Mind you, most of the students (more masks this week!) seemed to feel the same.

Come home to compare and contrast the first attempt several years ago.

If I’m being honest, I think I did a better job on the actual waterfall and cliff rocks the first time (on the left). But I do think today’s trees are better. Also, glad I decided to buck the instruction then and today to use yellow in the sky and use pink instead.

Better? Worse? You decide. (Seriously, feel free to comment.)

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