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Winter wonderland

February 27, 2023

Not sure if snowmageddon has arrived two days late, but, no sooner had Joe and I met up for our walk this afternoon than big, fat flakes started to fall. 

It sure was pretty.

Managed to keep the ball in play for Georgie.

Although there was one funny moment when she didn’t have her eye on it and the ball rolled itself into a snowball. She couldn’t figure out where the hell it had gone. Eventually she figured it out.

Shorter walk than usual. (As previously stated, a lot of snow can fall in an hour.) 

Time to stop and take a pic of a snowman clearly tilting after a day of rain and sun yesterday.

Road fine coming back, but it’s still coming down. Could be snowmageddon after all.

Well, I have wood, soup and a big batch of Bolognese sauce, so going nowhere for a couple of days won’t be the end of the world.

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