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Watery walk

January 16, 2023

A trail I’ve never been on before which turns out to be the quickest way to get to the waterfalls. The what? Yes, we have a couple of waterfalls this time of year. (Well, more than a couple, but these are the most accessible.)

Between the snow melt last month and the usual January rain, the trails are a bit damp.

This is the smaller waterfall.

This is the bigger one.

With Joe getting Georgie to pose for her hundredth photo here.

By May this will be a trickle. By July it will be bone dry.

There is a point, clambering down the hill to the waterfalls, when the ball has to be taken out of play. It might bounce over the cliff and Georgie, in her enthusiasm, might fly off after it.

With no ball to chase, she become interested in sticks which are the next best thing.

I wish WordPress would let me post videos. When we were climbing up from near the bottom, Georgie decided this was the stick she wanted.

Joe took a 20 second video of her struggle which is hilarious. Alas I have to settle for sharing this screen grab.

And this is the bottom of the waterfall.

Another screen grab from a video Joe took. The video would be much more impressive, but hopefully you get the idea.

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