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Go, England!

December 10, 2022

Ruby Red Lipstick sent off to the artistic directors yesterday afternoon. Already heard back from one of them that she really likes it. Whether it is chosen for performance will depend on what else is submitted and the deadline for submissions isn’t until January 15. Fingers crossed. 

Just sent a copy to the woman I would most like to play Violet. Hope she says yes. Mentioned the play to Ben over lunch yesterday and he asked me to send it to him. I did and he tells me he’d be happy to play James. Excellent. Now it’s just wait and see.

In the meantime I really am going to have to find something to do with myself in the new year. First thing scheduled for 2023 is the full production in which there is no role for me either on stage or in the director’s chair. Work on the one-acts isn’t slated to begin until April. Three months to fill with something and I do not want that to be endless games of spider solitaire. 

Jigsaws? Hooking rugs? Knitting? Making endless patchwork quilt covers? Something.

Attempting to get back to one of those novels? Hmm. That would be nice, but my stomach’s already in a knot just thinking about attempting it. We’ll see.

Off to Donna and Garry’s shortly to watch the England/France match. I could watch it here on my own as I did England’s first match. (I was kinda sorry they were playing Iran then, because, as much as I wanted England to win, I also thought the Iranian team should have had some reward for refusing to sing their national anthem.) But we’re getting to crunch time and I need to be with others – whether it’s to celebrate or for some sympathy. 

I hope it doesn’t go to a penalty shootout. I’m not saying England never wins on penalties, just that I can’t remember ever seeing them do so. 

Four years ago I was rooting for France in the final. That was mainly because they were playing against Croatia, who had knocked England out in the previous round by playing an unbelievably dirty game in front of a seemingly oblivious referee. Of course I wanted Croatia to go down and I didn’t really care which team did it. Now, of course, deep seated old rivalries are kicking in. I really don’t want England knocked out by the bloody French. Yes, my tongue was definitely in my cheek when I wrote that. I just want it to be an even game. 

Oh, sod that. Go, England!

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  1. John Galpin permalink

    They should change the rules so that teams get two goes at any penalty when England are playing…it’s so unfair.

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