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We did it!

December 5, 2022

We did it. My sweet lord, despite everything the weather and communications gods threw at us, we did it! All five performances. Someone with a big generator hauled it to the hall and the show went on with lights and sound yesterday afternoon. Between word of mouth and Facebook being blasted by everyone who could, the hall was filled to capacity by a very appreciative audience. And they had a great deal to appreciate. Everyone in the cast was positively on fire. 

To repeat that line I wrote for the fairy godmother, “Harry Potter’s got nothing on me.” I made magic. Of course I didn’t make it alone. The panto gods smiled down upon this first post-Covid production, blessing me with an incredible cast, amazing costumes, beautiful sets, everything for which any director could hope.

I fucking love these people.

Everyone who saw the show agreed it was the best panto ever. Lots of people said we should take it on the road (I wish) or at a minimum to a real theatre in town so it could be seen by a wider audience. Wouldn’t that be swell?

The planned power outage that was supposed to last between two and four hours lasted 12 hours at my place, so of course the after party has had to be postponed until next Sunday. This morning I woke up to a working phone and internet access for the first time in a week. The fix is temporary, but it’s a fix. This has been a reminder that there are many things (especially the ability to call 911) we really should not take for granted. 

In other news, almost as good in a different way as the success of the panto, Georgie is back! And Joe, of course.

So I got out for my first walk in several weeks today. (Sent Joe a text a couple of weeks ago telling him they needed to get back soon as my jeans were getting tight.)

Georgie in the snow.

Georgie in the air catching a snowball tossed by Joe.

Oh, and some nice scenery.

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  1. krysross permalink

    Good job on the pants. Sorry to hear you”ve been incommunicado. All manner of things I’ve taken for granted most of my life seem to be slowly unravelling. Your drive through the snow at night, knowing you couldn’t even call 911, absolutely terrifying. Hope you’re okay and the power comes back and stays back.

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