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In case you were wondering…

October 27, 2022

Just had a phone appointment with my doctor to go through the x-ray results. 

I won’t say “all good” because, you know, I do have this cough, but I am pleased to report nothing horrible.

When I went to see her about the cough in September, she asked me where I was at with quitting smoking. “Nowhere,” I told her. (God, I miss my old doctor. He was a smoker who never asked me things like this.) Now that she’s seen the x-ray results she can’t quite believe I’ve been smoking for as long as I have.

There is some concern about COPD (which I’ve just had to look up: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). She’s going to request full breathing tests at the hospital in town to see how good/bad my lung function is. I say “request”, rather than “order”, because apparently the appointment is likely to be several months away. Fine by me. I hate going to town. Maybe I’ll be dead by then. Although, given the x-ray results, probably not.

In other news: bloodwork all good, other than slightly elevated cholesterol. The slight elevation is actually slighter than bloodwork done in 2013 and 2021, so as far as I’m concerned that does mean all good.

And what about the stool sample? What was the point of that? Oh, apparently it screens for colon cancer. Less invasive, she said, than a colonoscopy. No shit. (As it were.) All good there, too.

Now, if I (and all the cast) can avoid Covid between now and December 1, it will be all good on the panto front, too.

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