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You never know

October 6, 2022

There’s been too much late night binge watching, too many daytime games of stupid fucking spider solitaire around here lately. The house is a mess and I still haven’t shifted the deer-gobbled hydrangea to the garden. Every time I go (far too late) to bed I swear tomorrow is going to be different, but the next day’s the same. It’s a form of paralysis with which I am sadly all too familiar. 

Didn’t go to bed until nearly 5am. Managed, with the use of two alarms to get myself up at 11:30 to find a text from a friend, asking if I was home. “Yes,” I replied. “Pourquoi?” He said he had something he wanted to drop off for me and would be here at 12:30. Yikes! The house is a mess. Tried to put him off until at least 1pm, but, no, it had to be 12:30. “Okay,” I said. “Guess I better get dressed.” Which I did. He turned up.

On a day in the most recent of weeks when I’ve been feeling lonely and unloved, he’d come to deliver this bouquet.

“I just thought you deserved some flowers,” he said, before hugging me and departing.

Oh, my god.

Just when I really, really needed flowers (and, more importantly, the thoughtfulness behind them), they turn up.

And now I’m ready to clean the house.

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  1. Donna permalink


  2. krysross permalink

    That is so perfect.

    Last night, you, your mother, and your daughter turned up in my dream. Your daughter I think resembled my nieces’s daughter and your mum had no speaking lines but still spoke volumes


  3. Catherine Stewart permalink

    That is fucking fabulous! What an awesome friend. So happy for you. And tell him I said thank you – your far-away friends love you and are grateful someone close by is so thoughtful.

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