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Pretty exciting

September 30, 2022

Back in early 2021, with the cost of firewood steadily increasing, I decided to contact a non-profit group on the island that installs heat pumps to find out how much one would cost. Gulp. Even with the rebate available from the provincial government it was definitely too rich for my blood. Oh, well.

Then in the summer we had the heat dome. Christ. Four days of stretching out on the sofa under the ceiling fan while it blew hot air on me. (At least the air was moving.) Then a month later news that I was due a substantial tax refund in the UK. Quick currency conversion. (This was before Liz Truss decided, having killed the queen, that the next item on her agenda was to kill the pound.) Yes! I could afford a heat pump!

Got back in touch with the non-profit. Of course by now, following the heat dome, everyone and his brother now wanted a heat pump for the air conditioning. Not only was there a very long waiting list, but there were also major supply chain issues. They could not even guess when I might reach the top of the list.

Turns out the answer was this month. 

First came the delivery of the heat pump and a very lengthy debrief on how it should be operated.

Then, a couple of weeks later came the first part of the installation.

Then a couple of weeks later the electrician arrived to wire it in.

And yesterday I got a call and visit from the final bloke, the one who primes the heat pump and starts it up.

And now…

Ta, da!

The price has, of course, gone up since I first made enquires and the government, of course, is no longer offering rebates, but I don’t care.

Let there be heat that doesn’t involve chopping and hauling wood. (Although I will obviously still use the woodstove, because there is something so lovely about having a fire.) Winter visitors won’t have to bundle up during the day when I generally (“It’s not that cold.”) don’t have the fire going. And let there be coolness in the summer.


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  1. Susan Yates permalink

    Most excellent! I’m sure glad you got the goods; I believe about 850 heat pumps to our island by that non-profit – that’s a lot of good energy savings and ghg reductions overall. Not to mention comfort in the winter and the summer.

    My kids have not used their wood stove now for four years; their small house stays comfortable all year round with 1 heat pump. Total bummer about the stupid province no longer providing rebates.

    I’m glad you find this kind of thing as exciting as I do!


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